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Carolina Egg Companies, Inc. (CEC) is a modern, state of the art, commercial egg production, processing and distribution center located in Red Oak, North Carolina. Located just a few short miles from where the company began at the Braswell family mill, CEC boasts of annual sales of over 35 million eggs annually.

Our team leaders and committed team members are dedicated to the Braswell family farming tradition of "Feed to Farm to Customer" management allowing us to maintain "Traceable" barns, feed and logistics so that both our customers and consumers can expect the best.

CEC's eggs are produced from family farms and are distributed primarily in the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic United States to leading retailers, foodservice distributors and end-users. As an advocate of fresh and wholesome food for all American's, CEC is also a proud and active member of North Carolina's Department of Agriculture's Goodness Grows programs encouraging the healthy consumption of local, sustainable and fresh foods.

The list of quality brands speak for themselves:

Eggland's Best
Horizon Organic
Natural Choice

Private Label:
Harris Teeter
Farm Fresh (Super Valu)
Martin's (Ahold USA)

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Glenwood Foods, LLC, located in Jetersville, Virginia, has been in the Braswell family of companies since 1997. Glenwood boasts of being the only USDA inspected egg production operation in the state of Virginia; and, like our Carolina Egg Company, is an active supporter of its own state's department of agriculture's program, Virginia's Finest, encouraging the healthy consumption of local, sustainable and fresh foods.

Glenwood's outstanding in-line operation that also houses approximately 500,000 layers has distribution that primarily focuses against the Mid-Atlantic region from New York to southern Virginia. But, like its sister company, also extends distribution both nationally and internationally.

Glenwood's key point of difference vs. other egg producers is its ability to provide to its customers custom egg labeling and innovative packaging, not to mention its efficient delivery system servicing the marketplace. For example, our "date on egg" labeling allows for retailers to provide additional information to their health-conscious consumers.


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Braswell Milling Company is the home office of Braswell Foods.

Certified by Global Organic Alliance (GOA), Braswell Milling is one of the largest organic feed manufacturers in the United States.

Braswell Milling was established in 1942 and is located in Nashville, North Carolina, 45 miles east of Raleigh and just west of Interstate 95.

The Feed Mill’s current capacity is 250,000 + tons of mash feed per year. The feed mill is completely automated and sets the standard for feed quality.

Braswell Milling is recognized as the region’s premier least cost provider of animal nutrition. This includes swine and poultry feeds.

Annually, Braswell Milling Company purchases over 3.75 million bushels of corn and 22,500 tons of soybean meal.

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Braswell Egg Company raises their own replacement pullets from day old until 18 weeks of age when the birds are old enough to move into the layer houses. Braswell Egg Company currently has two million layers on feed. Of those two million birds, 20% are Cage-Free and organically raised. 57% of our layers are in company-owned housing located at Glenwood Foods in Virginia and Carolina Egg Companies in North Carolina.

Remaining birds are on family owned contracted farms. These farms are supervised by our staff to ensure proper care and highest quality of product.

Total eggs produced by these birds are over 40,000,000 dozens.

Braswell Egg Company’s staff insures that all federal, state and industry standards for environmental stewardship and animal care are strictly enforced. Technical advisors, such as Dr. Michael Elliot and Dr. Tom Carter, establish procedures in the areas of Veterinary Science, Nutrition and Environmental Management for ultimate food safety and quality and animal care.


The beginnings of the Braswell Organization actually extend back to the 19th Century.  It begins on the site of the Boddie Mill, built in 1834, just a few miles outside of Nashville, NC.  The historic site was originally used for the purpose of grounding corn using a water powered grist mill.

Boddies Mill

In 1942, J.M. and E.G Braswell purchased Boddie's Mill and laid the foundation of the family company providing feed substance for its growing pullet business.  In 1956, Ronald and Gene Braswell, sons of E.G. returned from the military service and entered into the family business.

Braswell Mill

As the company grew, Ronald and Gene decided in 1969 to construct a new and modern feed mill to service the ever growing needs of their blossoming pullet business.  The mill, located in Nashville, NC has been up-graded over the years; and, as recently as 2009, was again expanded to produce more feed.  The mill location, which also is the corporate office site, is completely computer automated and delivers the highest in feed quality to meet Braswell's strict quality standards. In 1979, the company extended into the third generation with the entrance of Scott Braswell, son of Ronald.  Scott's emphasis was in developing innovative pullet and commercial laying hen complexes that produce quality pullets and eggs in the most efficient manner.  To that focus, for over 45 years Braswell pullets have continued to earn the reputation for super performance and high standards of production.   And, not to be outdone, the fourth generation continues with Trey Braswell, who has just completed the construction and successful operation of two new pullet houses in 2010 to supply our ongoing demands.

Along with the development of the pullet business, Braswell has been and continues to be a very important supplier for nest run and pre-packaged carton eggs.  With our Red Hills, NC and Jetersville, VA processing plants, Braswell is strategically located to provide both local & sustainable farmed eggs to customers in both the Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern United States.

In 1989, Braswell became an Eggland's Best Eggs franchisee placing Braswell Foods on the leading edge of marketing innovation and the highest standards of quality and consumer confidence.

Egglands Best

Today, four generations of the Braswell family have been committed to innovation and have received national recognition for their operating level of excellence.  The Braswell's, their management staff and team members take pride in providing the highest quality egg and feed products to both consumers and customers every day of the year.